Albanian Born, Canadian Raised

Marvin was born in Elbasan, Albania, and moved to Canada when he was only eight years old. Although I usually only post about people who have been in Toronto for ten years or less, today I thought I would take a different perspective and see what it’s like for people who grew up here in surroundings much different from their parents.

So first things first, why did you come to Canada? And why Toronto specifically?

We came to Canada because it offered better opportunities and education. There was nothing specific about Toronto aside from it just happened to be the place we came to.

How long have you been living in Toronto for?

About 16 years now.

What do you do now?

At the moment, I’m a masters student at Ryerson University studying biomathematics.

What were the early years like for you and your family?

The first few years were difficult, but as time progressed it became easier. When we first came here we stayed in a one bedroom apartment, and I remember sleeping on the sofa for a while. Luckily, my aunt moved here before us so it was a lot easier to get settled.

Biggest struggle you faced when you first came to Toronto?

Like most people, it was the language barrier. It was easier for me to learn because I was young, my parents had a harder time

It seems like family played a big role in your move here. Do you still have family in Albania?

Yes, my grandparents are still there along with some aunts and uncles. I’ve never been back, but they like to visit once in while. I’ve lived in the same neighbourhood since we came here, and while we do like to be near family it’s also because a lot of our family friends from Albania live here as well.

What was it like growing up here for you? Did you have any trouble adjusting to school?

No, not really. The school system here is very welcoming to newcomers, and my school offered ESL classes for new immigrants. There were a lot of Albanian kids at my school too, so we all pretty much grouped together naturally and became friends. We’re all still close friends and live in the same area – but of course, we have friends from all cultural backgrounds now.

I think the European culture has remained strong in our house because my parents did not grow up here, so as a result they were more lax in some areas, for instance letting me drink before I was 19, but were stricter in some other aspects. My younger brother, on the other hand, was born here and he gets everything!